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Hi, I'm Dr. Johnny Parker

Executive Coach  |  Professor  | Speaker

My Story

As an executive coach and relationship architect, Dr. Johnny Parker helps men and women achieve success by viewing their lives as a story. Through his “Turn the Page” system, CEOs, pro athletes, coaches, and other high-impact men and women have gained high-definition clarity and discovered the story they were born to live.

Johnny is an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University where he teaches Introduction to Positive Psychology, an evidence-based approach that focuses on conditions leading to happiness and flourishing. Recognizing that families and organizations share similar relational dynamics, Johnny uses his clinical background and research in positive psychology to help people revolutionize their relationships, work and lives.

His work on developing healthy, fulfilling lives and strong relationships has been featured on CNN International and national media outlets.  In May, 2008, Johnny was a part of a select group of marriage educators and researchers invited to the White House to discuss ways to strengthen marriages in America. Read More

Write Your Story.

Your life is telling a story. Is It telling the story you were born to tell? I can help.

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